Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pre-Order Closing Date. EVERY SUNDAY BEFORE 10PM
Items will take 10 working days to arrived. Will post out Garment ASAP once items arrived.
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*Pre-Order Items are Very Limited Stock. They are Authentic Items!!! Don't Miss the Chance to Bring them Home.~! Any Enquiry Please Emaiiill Us at  
Hope U Enjoyed Shoping with aM ulet' eLLe "The Image & Mood Maker

Pre-Order. Floral Jumpsuit

Item Code. Floral Jumpsuit
Size/Waist. UK8/80cm,UK10/82cm,UK12/84cm, UK14/86cm
Brand fr. UK
Price. Rm 79

Pre-Order. Zebrary Studs

ItemCode. Zebrary Studs
Size/Waist. UK10/74cm, UK12/76cm, UK14/82cm
Length. 80cm
Brands fr. England
Price Rm 89

Pre-Order. I Love U

Item Code. I Love U
Size/Waist. UK10/68cm, UK12/72cm, UK14/78cm
Brand fr. England
Rm 85

Pre-Order. Love One Pieces

Item Code. Love One Pieces
Size/Length. UK8/ 80cm, UK10/ 83cm
Brands fr. England
Price Rm 59 * Super Value  
Wild Stock Last~!~!~!

Pre-Order. Sexy Lovely 'love print' Evening Skirt

Item Code. Lovely Chic Dress
Size. M (UK10)
Brands fr. England
Rm 75

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pre-Order . 2010 Summer Details Sleeve Long Tee

Item Code. 2010 S Details Long Tee
Size. M
Length. 66cm. width. 55cm
Material. 100% Cotton
Brand fr. USA
Price. Rm 49

Pre-Order . Stripie CaCasual Jumpsuit :)

Item Code. Stripie CaCasual Jumpsuit
Color. Black & White,   Grey & White
Length. 82cm
Material. Cotton & Lace
Brands fr. Japan
Price. Rm 42